Manny Pacquiao Eldee Tang

Manny Teams with Eldee Tang of Gtoken

Starting my first musing with an incredible (although a little late) piece of gaming news from Asia, specifically Singapore: Boxing legend Manny Pacquiao has teamed up with Eldee Tang (shareholder) of Gtoken to enter into the gaming business.

This is Manny’s very first time investing in this industry. The founder of Gtoken, the company that Manny is investing in, is a big name entrepreneur called Ivan Lee. Ivan Lee is most famous in Singapore for having sold the Thai food chain restaurant for $100 million (to a Thai company).

This news is huge and should be a gigantic boast to the gaming industry in Singapore. Congrats to Eldee Tang and Gtoken! Read more about this deal here.

Manny Pacquiao Eldee Tang
Manny Pacquiao on the left and Eldee Tang on the right.

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