Asia Gaming News Website

Sharing today with you a resource for Asia gaming news and their website is really easy to remember too:

Asia gaming news website

As you have already known about me, I am a big gaming fan and my interest lies particularly in Asia. This is because I really believe that Asia, specifically Southeast Asia, is going to be the next frontier. Already research has shown that Asian gamers spend more for the in-game purchases than their counterparts from the States and Euro. Also, in terms of revenues, it is not Candy Crush or Clash of Clans that are making the most money, but mobiles games from Japan and China taking the top spots.

So it is really refreshing to have a website like ASN dedicating themselves to the gaming niche in the Asian region. They are, unfortunately, not updating as much as I would like them to be but still the best resource thus far. And coincidentally, they covered the same news about Manny Pacquiao and Eldee Tang invading the gaming scene.

If you are more of a social animal and prefer, like many people nowadays, to get your Asia gaming news from Facebook, you can find them there too!

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